• 13.05.2020
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    Thirdway launches hybrid working programme to support UK businesses

    Written By: Thirdway
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    It’s time for UK businesses to take control of back-to-work plans for their peopleWhether that means facilitating a safe return to offices, establishing satellite workspaces, making longterm provisions for working from home, or a mixture of all three. 

    But where to start? And whose responsibility is it to take the reins of a planning process that considers the best fit for safety, culture, productivity, business continuity and bottom line? 

    Good news: you don’t need to go it alone. 


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    What is Hybrid Working?

    Notions of ‘normal’ working styles are changing. After months of ups and downs, people at all levels want to alternate time at home and time in the office. But adopting a new transient way of working doesn’t come without challenges. It affects all aspects of a business from communication strategy to management style to real estate requirement.

    There is no one-size solution. Instead, aaim to create offices that are fit for now, fit for tomorrow and fit for the future.  

    Our Hybrid Working programme reviews people, buildings and workplace experiences to determine the optimum ‘office: home’ working ratio. From there, our team supports the changes that need to be made to suit the new needs of both employer and employee. 

    The programme has been designed as a people-first staged scheme to help businesses find the best way forward. Drawing on our multidisciplinary expertise in workplace consultancy, office design, architecture, and furniture, for a holistic solution that sticks. This happens in three phases.

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    Phase 1: Fit For Now

    The first phase involves a raft of practical measures, including: 

    • Social distancing marking 
    • On-site adaptations 
    • Temporary signage and protocols 
    • Employee WFH assessments 
    • Spatial evaluations and plans 

    Over a two-week intensive consultation period, we fast-track the necessary modifications to deliver safer spaces, policies and procedures. 

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    Phase 2: Fit For Tomorrow 

    Once the existing workplace is safer, phase addresses semi-permanent adjustments like:  

    • Furniture review 
    • Technology, AV and telecommunications 
    • Working from home assessments  
    • Team solutions 
    • Culture considerations 

    The purpose is to increase office headcount and smooth the transitions between on-site and remote working. 

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    Phase 3: Fit For Future 

    Now we look longterm. 

    With the paired goals of reducing property costs and increasing productivity, the final phase involves: 

    • Comprehensive building and cost evaluation 
    • People-centric building brief 
    • Hybrid Working evaluation (so far) 
    • Outlining relocation, refurbishment and satellite office potentials 

    Life isn’t going back to normal, at least not for a few years. But businesses can’t afford to risk making shortsighted policy decisions. Returning to the office is a sliding scale of readiness.


    Our Hybrid Working October report delves into how you can redefine your workplace, reduce your real estate footprint and reinvest in areas of your business that support your new ways of working.