This statement is provided for Thirdway Group Ltd (Thirdway) and on behalf of Thirdway’s subsidiary companies as listed at the end of this statement.

At Thirdway we believe that a commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) not only makes good business sense but also complements our core business strategy and corporate values.

For us, our CSR refers to the way we regulate ourselves in order to ensure that all of our activities positively affect society as a whole. We guarantee that we will conduct our business in an ethical manner and consider human rights as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts of what we do as a business.

Our CSR Policy is based on the following principles:

  • To minimise the impact and maximise the benefits that our work and influence has on the environment, the people around us and the communities we work in.
  • To integrate our CSR considerations into all our business decisions.
  • To comply with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislation,regulations and codes of practice.
  • To review, annually report, and to continually strive to improve our CSR performance.

In developing our strategy and setting out our policy for the first time we aim to deliver gradual but continuous improvements in our performance every year. As a result, our approach continues to evolve as we learn lessons along the way.

To help define our policy we have divided it into four key areas:

  1. People
  2. Community
  3. Environmental Management
  4. Responsible Construction

The development and implementation of this policy is the responsibility of our People Director.

Signed for and on behalf of Thirdway Group Ltd:

Ben Gillam CEO and Owner. 11/2021.

Thirdway Group’s subsidiary companies covered by this statement:

  • Thirdway Interiors Ltd
  • Tribe Furniture Ltd
  • Thirdway Architecture Ltd
  • DThree Commercial Ltd
  • TX Ltd
  • Thirdway Pulse Ltd