• 09.12.2020
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    7 ways to attract staff and keep them

    Written By: Thirdway
    thirdway office party 7 ways

    1. Wellbeing

    Power up people engagement by focusing on the wellbeing of your team. It’s commonplace for a reason. If it’s good for individuals then it’ll be good for business, so why wouldn’t you want to say hello to a happier, healthier and driven workforce? Start by investing in lifestyle benefits such as discounted gym memberships, mental health support, discounts with healthy food retailers, and most importantly, encourage a healthy work-life balance

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    2. Company culture

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    We wouldn’t be where we are today without our positive culture. It’s the core of our business and engrained in our DNA. It’s also something that we believe should always be work in progress. Constantly developed to encourage a positive and inspirational environment where your employees are free to be themselves. Team-building events, celebrating successes and collaborative working. These are key to nurturing mutual respect and authentic friendships – the building blocks of strong team culture.

    3. Flexible working policies

    Whilst we’re not able to determine what the future workplace will look like, something we do know is that hybrid working is here to stay. Employees now have more power to work from wherever is optimal depending on the task they’re doing, the way they’re feeling and the needs of the business. That could mean hot desking in the office or sinking your teeth into a project from home. Either way, flexible working builds essential trust between employees and employers, improving productivity and autonomy as a result.

    4. make a positive impact

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    The 21st-century employee knows what they want more than ever before. A common theme being that profit simply isn’t enough. Whilst still important, so too are ethics, values and inspiration to do the right thing. Sustainable goals and charitable initiatives should be engrained into the strategies of a responsible employer. To attract and retain talent, define and instill values that make your company not merely good, but great.

    5. Workplace design

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    Choice is key. The modern-day workplace needs to provide a space where employees can retreat as well as connect. Consider factoring in a blend of open and enclosed spaces, soft seating areas, meeting booths and breakout areas. A something-for-everyone type of space if you will. Studies have shown that biophilic design (bringing the outdoors in) can increase productivity and creativity and improve morale and workplace wellnessSo if you’re looking at redesigning your office, don’t forget to spend plenty of time chewing over organic textures and finishes, plants, natural light and art that really connects with the outdoors.  

    6. Benefits

    A little can go a long way and that can also be the case when it comes to company benefits. In a nutshell, benefits prove that you believe in your people enough to invest in them. It can maximise productivity and keep employees loyal. At Thirdway, employees can expect benefits such as free meals, free fruit, gym discounts, on-site exercise classes, access to other employee-led social societies, private healthcare, mental health support, monthly massages, an annual team-building holiday, exclusive retailer discounts, and financial support, to name a few!

    7. Authenticity

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    Thirdway has always encouraged individuals to be themselves and to pursue their personal ambitions. This motivation has resulted in many members of the team ending up in a different role to the one they started in. What could be more beneficial to a business than having a team of individuals who love what they do, and who are driven by their personal ambitions while striving to achieve the team’s collective goals? That alone is why authenticity is key to building a strong team.