reflecting a gaming companies identity through design

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design that differs

Graffiti, neon lights and camo nets aren’t typical elements of workplace design. However, as this was a new office for the award-winning online game developer, Wargaming, “normal” was far from the intention.

a new home

Already a global company, Wargaming were in need of a UK HQ. A place that would attract talent, encompass their image and get creative thoughts ticking amongst employees. Collaboration was key between us and the client – they had an idea of what they wanted and starting out with a blank space meant we could really get under their skin to reflect their identity throughout the space.


  • Factored various types of spaces into the working parts of the office
  • A bold and bespoke graffiti wall takes centre-stage in the breakout area
  • Branded reception desk
  • “Power up point” café
  • Furniture by Tribe
  • Bespoke neon lighting which dominates the exposed ceiling

Looking ahead

Wargaming’s new home not only maintains their core family culture but provides an environment bespoke to them which allows them to flourish as well as a space that can grow with the company in time.

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