More than just building an HQ in London, the brief from Trustpilot was to create a space where people were engaged. An office that created space for internal and external discussion. The ask from Trustpilot was for us to design a central hub that represented everything they stand for, their vision and their unique style.

Project Details

25,000 SQ FT
City of London

This year has been one of the most challenging in our history. But, with challenging times comes exceptional thinking. From the very start, we wanted to stand out, supporting our pitch with a hardback book which highlighted the importance we place on craft.

In the nine-months since, we faced several challenges, the greatest being the COVID-19 pandemic. But, like in every project we embark on, we met those obstacles head-on.

From working remotely with a Trustpilot team based in Scotland and Copenhagen, to rethinking an evolving design due to limited capacity (we even debated the idea of forgoing walls in search of the perfect socially distanced space) this project kept us on our toes right up until we handed the space back to the client – on Zoom!

trustpilot design and fit out by thirdway engaged employees

Culturally aligned design.

When we’re designing aoffice we feel its important to convey a companys ethos. Thankfully, Trustpilot has a strong visual identity. As well as a culture, similar to our team, of people-centric thinking. 

We worked as closely as we could with the client, given the circumstances. The result is a clean, simple and open office thats reminiscent of the companys Scandinavian roots. Trustpilotbrand colours are used in fabrics and furnishings to define zones within the space, bringing bold contrast to the neutral tones and light wood finishes throughout. 

With Tower Bridge cutting a figure nearby, we made sure to keep the stunning London skyline as the main feature. A central reception and breakout space highlights the views and creates a space for people to meet and come together.  

One of our favourite elements is the multi-purpose room. With its comfy armchairsfridge and lockable door, its designed as a private space for nursing mothers but is an inviting room for meditation or prayer too. 

Trustpilot Hybrid
From the start, Thirdway stood out from the rest. From the way, they presented themselves to the unique design ideas. It was an easy decision. I loved working with such a great and talented team. ”
Krista Jamieson, Office & Culture Manager
designing for neurodiversity by thirdway

Creating in 2020

No matter how well you plan, unforeseen issues will always pop up. 2020 offered one of the most interesting problems weve ever encountered. Despite this, we managed to complete the work and hand over the office ready to accept 50% of its capacity, with room to flex as social distancing rules ease. 

Project Team

Trish Watson

Trish Watson

Managing Director
Will Randlesome

Will Randlesome

Senior Commercial Manger
Alex Hodson

Alex Hodson

Senior Designer


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