Twice the office to match meteoric growth

TotallyMoney’snew 7,000 square-foot Chapter House HQ represents more than an office move. The locally-grown credit experts are on a meteoric growth trajectory. Their new home, clocking in at twice the size of their last digs, gives them space to stretch.

Project Details

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importance of the office - a place for people

An upgraded us

“It feels very ‘us’, but at the same time, it’s an upgraded us,” says TotallyMoney HR Manager, Felicity Winkley, who gave the move momentum.

“Moving into a brand-new development meant we had a blank canvas to play with and Thirdway did an amazing job to help us realise the potential of the project,” she adds.

We can’t take all the credit. Designing a new home for a flexible, fast-moving challenger like TotallyMoney starts with getting to know the people behind the brand.



Even with 4 metres of ceiling height, fitting a spacious mezzanine presented a logistical challenge. But we made it work, and the result is a slightly separate, but still connected, area for intimate meetings and board games.

Three smaller booths fill the void under the mezzanine. With integrated technology, and finished in natural materials furnished with soft textures, the booths provide a spot for quiet working and small team breakout space.

growing up - kind of

Visit TotallyMoney one night, and you might be invited to join a board game or after-work yoga session. Or you could find a financial industry symposium led by TotallyMoney’s credit experts. Our design respects the company’s maturity and acknowledges the need for fun, flexibility and collaboration. Integrated within a sleek industrial design aesthetic, the breakout zone serves as tea point, team meeting space, ping pong area and even a place for after-work parties with a DJ booth built into the podium.

room for all

TotallyMoney’s squads work together sometimes and in a small team at others. Our flexible desk design incorporates TV screens, brainstorming space and idea boards, with room to expand and respond to the needs of the team.

On a daily basis, TotallyMoney meets in Middle Earth, work in Westeros, and sneak off for a quiet minute in Narnia. Whimsical though the names might be, every meeting room is equipped with the latest video communication packages.

We’re still close to the football pitches and sports centre for our lunchtime clubs. There’s room for yoga, board game nights, and industry meet-ups. Preserving these key parts of our company culture was paramount.”

all about the green

Biophilic design elements remindTotallyMoney’s people to take a deep breath occasionally. An artistic moss signage wall welcomes visitors to the reception. Throughout the work areas, breakout spaces and meeting rooms, natural materials and leafy plants connect seamlessly with sunlight from the tall whitewashed windows.

How did we score?

TotallyMoney CEO, Alistair Douglas, says: “the space is conducive to all the hard work that goes on day-to-day, as well as the cultural aspects of TotallyMoney that are central to who we are.

“The new space allows us to develop and grow our award-winning free credit report even further so that we can continue to help our customers move on up to their goals. And, it’s great that we got the whole company involved in the process.”

Giving an exciting company the inspiration to grow, while maintaining a connection to their roots, is a win-win outcome for the Thirdway Interiors team. Contact us to chat about your next move if we’re not behind the decks with the TotallyMoneyteam.

Project Team

Tom Iles

Tom Iles

Will Randlesome

Will Randlesome

Senior Commercial Manger

Luke Griffin

Luke Griffin

Director of Business Development

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