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For the Future’s Future

How do you bring six uniquely energetic entities together in one innovative space, without actually designing the space? It sounds like a riddle. But here at Thirdway, it’s a typical conversation to kick off any long-term project. When completed in 2021, The Future’s Future Workplace will be almost 77,000 square feet of pure innovative rocket fuel occupied by six digital teams under one roof. A three-month collaborative process, and the workplace strategy Thirdway delivered as a result, is the spark to start this powerful engine.

Project Details

76684 SQ FT
innovative tech space

Thirdway, in collaboration with architecture practice, Anomaly, led our client, a leading digital consultancy, through a human-centric engagement process. We guided them through stages 0-1 of the RIBA Plan of Work from initial assessment through project objectives and feasibility, and ultimately presenting a polished brief.  The results lay a solid strategic launch platform for Anomaly to carry through to delivery.

Human-centric design

The merging offices deliver a spectrum of products and services. They all need different things. Our process focuses on the people in those offices, and how they get from idea to end product, to capture the unique requirements and reflect them in a design brief.

  • Day-in-the-life experiences
  • Context mapping
  • Consulting with a breadth of staff
  • Dynamic workshop series with external consultants

Project mantra

A mantra keeps everyone focused on the end goal, as well as reminding us who the project is for. In fact, they’re so useful that we had a couple:

  • This is the place we make good on our client promise to imagine, deliver, run the future
  • For the future, the teams and behaviours that define it, in whatever shape it takes, this is the place we make it
innovative tech space

A maker’s place

The Crafted Factory is a place created for vision, insights, ideas, prototypes, products, and experiences. It’s where a “whatever it takes” mentality is enabled by varied working environments. And so it needs solo desks, collaborative workspaces, meeting spaces, relaxation zones and breakout areas to support that. The crafted factory is the name of the concept we have developed with the client through all of our engagements.

innovative tech space

500 people road test the strategy

We started with a diverse group of people working across London, and the final brief brings them together in an immersive environment. After three months of deep engagement, Thirdway installed an experience that allowed 500 real people to test our strategy.

We wanted them to leave the installation understanding not just how the space comes together functionally, but how they feel in the live environment. Can they imagine, deliver, and run the future here? Do they have what they need to make the future a reality?

The answer, of course, is yes. And we’re excited to be part of that, working with this digital market leader in the next phases.

Project Team

Rob Goulder

Rob Goulder

Chief Operating Officer
Ben Gillam

Ben Gillam

CEO and Owner


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