16-24 Tabernacle Street


At the junction where Tabernacle Street and Bonhill Road meet, you’ll find one of the sexiest buildings in London. The old-meets-new build façade is bold and full of character, just like it’s Shoreditch surroundings. Come and see what Thirdway did inside…

Max Barney Estate wanted the team to detail out the already proposed Cat A design for the basement and ground floor by architects Piercy & Co, whilst further developing it to achieve the best result for the space.

The overall scheme needed to compliment the raw aesthetic of the building whilst celebrating the high ceilings, large concrete rounded columns and exposed metalwork.


Keeping things interesting and unusual was key. As was being able to provide a wow-factor to anyone who sets foot through the door. Biophilia was introduced to soften the space and juxtapose the raw, base build materials. The unmissable preserved moss and foliage wall takes the crown, don’t you think?


An unusually large void in the centre of the space allowed us to create something special, in the form of a very grand, floating, concrete-cast staircase. However, working with the original structure and ensuring all structural loading was correct was a challenge. Following plenty of design and development meetings, and some compromise, the result speaks for itself. The dark oak treads soften the rawness of the concrete whilst the bronze trims tie in with the key elements of the structure.

Thirdways design team wanted to push the boundaries and play with the connection between the mezzanine and the balustrade by connecting them on the front of the mezzanine rather than just sitting on top. The geometric zig-zag metal work pattern of the balustrade creates a unique and stunning feature on the staircase.

Delivered part throughout the last national lockdown of 2021, Thirdway managed to avoid any major disruptions throughout the pandemic.

The baton was then handed over to TX to work their magic on in conjunction with future potential tenants to choose their ideal design.

This project not only showcases the success of closely collaborating with a design-led and like minded client but is also a fine example of the Thirdway family having the opportunity to work together in order to deliver the best outcome needed.

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