Revolut is one of the most exciting names in FinTech. Their new home in Canary Wharf is characteristic of how the brand’s phenomenal growth has shaken up the financial industry. And it gives 300 employees a place to chase the next achievement. Thirdway Interiors and Revolut are a great match. Our company started with a desire to do things differently, which is exactly what Revolut asked of us.

Project Details

Cat B
22,000 SQ FT

bring your 'A' game

What started as a blank canvas Cat A space, is a continually evolving industrial-styled modern workspace.

Revolut’s brand was moving in a new direction as the company expanded into the larger Columbus Building floorplate, so we worked hard to get under their skin and understand what Revolut stands for.

Designing for growth

Revolut is less than a decade old and already one of the biggest challengers to traditional banks. The new office features room for teams to expand over time:

  • Two self-sufficient workspaces flanking a large communal area
  • Plenty of small-team booths, quiet zones, meeting rooms and workstations
  • Substantial kitchen area doubling as after-hours entertaining
  • Breakout space able to cater for 200 people
Revolut Office

Raw, yet sophisticated

Unlike the big banks, Revolut favours an industrial aesthetic with exposed services, so our design weaves in pops of colour to accent a monochrome palette.

  • Bold bespoke neon signs hang around the walls with frequently heard phrases from the team
  • Exposed services are sprayed black above the breakout area to create an atmospheric activity space
  • Concrete flooring and exposed columns balance with sophisticated lighting and rich fabrics
  • Biophilic touches and raw timber soften the industrial style
  • Newspaper cuttings on innovation, activism and inspirational change provide a grayscale backdrop to the showcase ‘never settle’ sign.

Tribe closely collaborated with the client throughout the project to help them achieve the end product. A number of workshops were held to narrow down the selection process of the furnishing sand Tribe worked with the client to come up with a scheme that would complement the building and Revolut’s working culture.

The use of fabric colour was really important and the quirky pastel furnishings soften the industrial style and moody palette.

stronger together

From the neon-lit slogans to an expansive breakfast bar, permeable room dividers and a large multi-use breakout space, every element of Revolut’s office encourages collaboration and innovation.

Starting an office redesign without a defined brand palette or even a logo might seem counterintuitive. But Revolut’s culture goes beyond brand elements. Their creatives and our designers overcame this hurdle together with regular on-site meetings. Everything from fabric colours to the Revolut card vending machine resulted from a fast-moving collaborative process.

As the new office came to life and the brand rolled out across the business, we worked on a further three floors with Revolut, bedding them in at Canary Wharf before translating the same sense of brand across their international portfolio in Lithuania, Moscow and Porto.

For us, meeting the team really sealed the deal. It felt as though ThirdWay were doing this as it were their own office and made the whole project a very pleasant experience.”
Tom Hambrett , Group GC

Project Team

Rameez Raja

Rameez Raja

Design Director

Luke Griffin

Luke Griffin

Director of Business Development


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