Merkle Periscopix

A fresh and engaging space

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Levelling up

Client’s often ask us to add a wow-factor to their office. Taking the next step to transform it into captivating and engaging space is a different story. This headquarters needed to be impressive so it would seize the attention of staff and visitors as soon as they walk through the door, and even attract new talent into their fold.

Warm welcome

As you walk through the door you’re greeted with a warm and natural colour palette that’s echoed throughout the space. To help us create a unique and timeless environment we pulled together an eclectic mix of raw materials such as reclaimed timber, poured concrete, industrial pendant lights and bespoke scaffold shelving.

The key features:

• Unusual arc-shaped floor plate
• Exposed industrial services
• Raw reclaimed materials
• Basement auditorium space to seat 80 people
• Environmentally friendly design

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