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This moody, contemporary workspace bears a high-end twist that you’d typically expect setting foot inside a “members only” club. The space showcases its British-led style through eclectic mid-century furniture pieces and sophisticated finishes. Lee & Thompson might be recognised as a leading UK law firm, but their office now hints towards a more creative side than corporate.

Project Details

Lee & Thompson
Cat B
13,000 SQ FT


Working with a legal firm was nothing new to us but Lee & Thompson are far from your average lawyers. Willing to push the traditional boundaries in which they work, Thirdway’s project team were appointed to translate this mindset into design.

Their previous space was tired, dated and lacked both the practicality and inspiration that a good office environment should provide. Teams were spread over multiple floors which resulted in a disjointed feel and was the first design hurdle that needed to be tackled. The client had decided to collate everyone to one floor in the hope to achieve a more collaborative style of work and enhancing company culture as a result.

Lockers were introduced to provide employees with more freedom and flexibility to hot-desk and collaborate with different teams. As was the intention with the blend of soft seating, team tables, hot offices and quiet workrooms,  a multitude of options provides opportunity to break away from the hustle and bustle of the open floor where all staff, including directors, sit together. The floorplate’s spread-out desking and alternative work settings were designed to support adequate social distancing, if required.


We met Lee & Thompson just as Covid was hitting our shores and quickly rallied to understand the new landscape of work. Between Zoom meetings and posted samples for sign-off, we kept the project pushing ahead and succeeded in developing and delivering a complicated design on time, navigating both Covid and Brexit supply hold-ups.


The space the client had inherited was shell and core which gave us the perfect opportunity to get stuck into elements of the design that we can’t always influence. The co-ordination of mechanical and electrical was key and we built a 3D Revit model of the M&E service to test and ensure we could meet design objectives to keep the ceiling as clean as possible

The lower ground floor especially needed to have an atmosphere. It was important that the materials we specified would only improve with age to help nail the design-led, British “members club” feel. In the reception area, you’ll spot mohair velvets, brass, and classic parquet flooring which bring a sense of history and timelessness. Rough concrete-effect walls contrast with the grandeur of frosted globe pendants in the walkways. The serpent-like banquette seating commands attention with its sage green, button backed, velvet upholstery and stained ribbed joinery base.

The interesting brief pushed us to create a large and flexible breakout space and gave us a chance to think outside the box.  It needed to accommodate events so catering provision was factored in, with two back of house kitchens and a large island for bar service, and a 10-meter long, moveable glass wall that means the adjacent boardroom and reception can be integrated or separated from the main breakout.

The fusion of terracotta’s, greens, rich blues and aubergines are influenced by the company’s re-brand unifying the companies brand identity and physical space.

The relationship between Thirdway and Lee & Thompson was special from the get-go. With the client dedicating so much of their time, and their team, to the project, it truly became a mutual process. From multiple furniture tours to early workshops, plan revision and finishes meetings, the client was totally committed to making every detail and finish the very best it could be.

The proof is in the pudding as this project demonstrates the power of two great companies working together to achieve a truly unique outcome. The Lee & Thompson’s office is covid-secure and the team are excited to be back in the office after more than a year of remote working. We look forward to taking them up on their offer to stop by and work in their new office when we’re in the area.

It's been an absolute delight to work with Thirdway. It feels like we've been working with like-minded people with a real desire to reach the same goal and the proof of that is in the end product - which everyone is now raving about.”
Simon Boyden, CFOO

Project Team

Trish Watson

Trish Watson

Managing Director
Rob Goulder

Rob Goulder

Group Managing Director
Ben Gillam

Ben Gillam

CEO and Owner
Rameez Raja

Rameez Raja

Design Director
Flora Sharpe

Flora Sharpe

Will Randlesome

Will Randlesome

Senior Commercial Manger

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