Keen House

M&G'S business park re-design

The brief? Deliver 40,000 square feet of Cat A tenant space and a 5,000 square foot reception area in 32 weeks. And make it impressive, within a tight budget. We did what we always do – delivered above expectation, on time and on budget. By extensively redesigning M&E services and redistributing cost savings to upgrade front-of-house finishes, we made magic in 3 stages.

Project Details

Keen House
45,000 SQ FT
Milton Keynes

Stage 1

Two Cat A tenant floors, each with 2 wings, totalling 40,000 square feet of inspiring commercial space. And don’t forget all-new WCs and showers.

Stage 2

Double-height Cat B reception space, which began by stripping all existing finishes and services to reimagine the entry experience. 

Stage 3

External café with upgraded finishes afforded by cost savings in a streamlined Stage 1.

What we learned

What you see today is a result of a collaborative and dynamic design process. Thirdway’ streamlined programme realised cost savings early, which we used to upgrade finishes and features in reception and the on-site café. 

What we achieved

  • Mechanical and electrical packages negotiated within 3 days of winning the contract 
  • Dynamic design-and-build process 
  • Full client engagement throughout 
  • Fully let 1st floor 
  • 45,000 square feet delivered in just 32 weeks 

meet the team

Lyndsay Blue

Lyndsay Blue

Head of Design
Duncan Taylor

Duncan Taylor

Managing Director

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