Jon Adam Fashion


With a rich history dating as far back as 1904, Jon Adam Fashion is still a family run business to date. Finally fulfilling a long-term ambition to purchase a building, their 21st-century chapter was about to begin.

Project Details

Jon Adam Fashion
10,000 SQ FT

New space, new opportunities

Anomaly Architecture first unlocked the prospect of this exciting partnership. They had looked at adding mass to a property that the brother and sister client was hoping to purchase in the quirky heart of Camden. After drawing up space plans for the building, the acquisition, unfortunately, didn’t come through. Undeterred, we joined forces once again to look at a property in Primrose Hill. Space plans, visuals and costs were passionately put together, but the purchase of this also fell through. Third time lucky, we explored the opportunity of another building – and this one was meant to be.

Fast forward 6 months…

Nestled between Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill lies Oval Road and Jon Adam Fashion’s new home. Just as we thought things weren’t going to materialise, the right building eventually came along and the project, as delivered, was born.

It was meant to be.


Step inside

Enter the building and you could easily have stepped into a high-end fashion showroom in the West End. This is sophistication at its finest. You’re greeted with luxurious materials such as the marble surfaced worktops and reception desk, brass finishes and reeded glass. Something you’ll also notice is how bright and airy it is thanks to the large floor to ceiling windows bathing light throughout the space.

The best bits:

  • “Soho House” look throughout the ground floor space
  • Minimalist theme to the working areas
  • raw materials juxtaposed with a polished aesthetic
  • Bespoke branded glass manifestation
  • Cladded reception desk with marble top and strip lights illuminating the floor
  • Office space design heavily driven by business functions – allowing designers to come up with the next best trend and machinists turning ideas to reality.

Our clients at Jon Adam Fashion were energetic and engaged from start to finish which meant this new HQ was designed to perfection. We’d be lying if we said the journey wasn’t completely smooth sailing. The COVID-19 pandemic provided several challenges and we made sure to tackle them head-on.

From meetings held on Zoom, to socially distanced site meetings during the summer months and even a socially distanced visit to the client’s flat to test out furniture (when the Government guidance allowed it). The challenges that this year presented only make the client’s story more satisfying to tell.

Project Team

Tom Iles

Tom Iles


Luke Gillam

Luke Gillam

Managing Director


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