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Turn of the tide

UX design company, Foolproof, was about to reverse roles and experience being the client for once. The shoe was on the other foot. We needed to create an environment that would inspire great design work and meet the needs of three types of user: Foolproof employees, their clients, and the people who test their products. The office needed to be well-thought-out, support the long-term plans of the business, and most importantly a place where employees felt happy and inspired.

We produced:

• A bright and airy space with a particular focus on detailed finishes
• Two distinct parts to the office – working and breakout space
• Softer finishes used in the breakout/a more informal environment
• Moss signage, mesh partition with integrated logo and interactive wall
• One-way mirror between viewing room and research lab.

the future is bright

Foolproof’s HQ leaves a lasting impression for both the team and anyone who sets foot inside. The new working environment? So good it’s allowed the team to take on far bigger and more ambitious projects – all with a sprinkle of newfound confidence.

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