Element Materials Technology

Sophisticated, post-pandemic design for Element Materials Technology

Project Details

Element Materials Technology
Cat B
6500 sq ft
Covent Garden

With origins tracing way back to 1827 Element Materials Technology is a relatively new brand but with historic roots based in industrial testing dating back to the Victorian era. Their materials and product testing gave the world the Model T ford, put Concorde into the skies and even helped to keep Venice afloat. Pretty cool, huh?

With a lease coming to an end in their existing building in Victoria, they jumped across St. James Park and to the sought-after location of Covent Garden. With a brief made up of high-end, clubhouse and residential-feel tick boxes, this was going to become a space so good, you’d quite easily mistake it for luxury hotel settings.

The pandemic shifted an emphasis for Element wanting to bring people back to the workplace, to bring the team together as one and enable their culture to flourish. With stellar local amenities at the ready thanks to the new location, the last piece of the puzzle was a standout design to appeal to the team to work from the office. With flexibility and choice being key, you’ll spot less fixed desks in this space and more boutique-like soft furnishings giving off a members club mood.

Bespoke joinery, boutique lighting, and scandi-style furniture are just a few additions that make this an elegant and insanely inviting environment. The reception takes centre stage with its stunning curved, ceiling detail and wall-to-wall bespoke bookshelf filled with books, plants and other hidden treasures. Layers of discovery woven through the design celebrate the charm and history of Elements brand.

Playing the role of the heart of the office is the large tea point and breakout area – both fully prepped for any social occasion from breakfasts to coffee breaks, team meetings or events. The 24-seater table is a clear showstopper if we say so ourselves. Not everything is as obvious to the eye as it may seem, though. You may, or may not, find another addition hidden within the space. (Spoiler alert: there’s a hidden door leading to a secret library space ).

The finished result is a new home for Element and environment where employees wellbeing and needs have been front of mind throughout. Offering a mixed use of space to work, collaborate and play, this space oozes sophistication and is a top-notch example of post-pandemic design, re-evaluating the purpose of the workplace and acts as more than enough to tempt any team to want to work from.



project team

James Barker

James Barker

Senior Business Development Manager

Paul Brown

Paul Brown

Commercial Director
Jordan Reid

Jordan Reid

Project Manager


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