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DPS Games
Cat B
22000 sq ft

Graffiti, neon lights and camo nets aren’t typical elements of workplace design, however, as this was a new office for award-winning online game developer, DPS Games (formerly Wargaming), “normal” was far from the intention.

Our story first started back in 2018 when the global online gaming developers were seeking their new UK-based headquarters. This was to become a place that would encompass their image and ignite forward-thinking creativity amongst employees. Little did we know at the time, this was also the beginning of a relationship that would flourish into two further projects with the client.

Our design needed to spark creativity but still work logistically – a fine-tuned balance that resulted in some unique areas being developed such as the fully acoustic meeting rooms and gaming areas to allow the team to successfully test developing games. More traditional elements such as fixed desking areas and collaborative workspaces with high tables and soft seating were included, providing the team with an abundance of areas to work from.

Employee wellbeing was a key consideration from the outset, resulting in the social kitchen/breakout area being developed, complete with a fully functioning “power-up point” (cafe). This open-plan area is decked out with bespoke neon lighting that boldly zig zags across the exposed ceiling and also features a large bleacher making it the ideal spot for team meetings and company events.

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Following the completion of this floor, our work wasn’t quite done yet. The company only continued to go from strength to strength during the pandemic, meaning an increase in headcount and a pressing need for more space. Once an additional floor within the same building was secured and following the success of our work on the third floor, Thirdway were appointed for the design and build phase alongside Thirdway Workplace to carry out a workplace study which would inform the design.

We needed to create a space that people would want to come to – one that more than rivals working from home. The outcome of the workplace study contributed towards a measured and meaningful design brief which resulted in a much quicker sign-off process of floor plans. This space is also now truly bespoke to the company as their teams needs have been put first and the design supports their growth plans and future of the studio.

DPS Games rebrand and growth during the pandemic resulted in a more grown up, evolved and impactful design for the new space. A bigger team, naturally, meant a bigger variety in workspaces for employees to pick and choose from. Desk space, tick. Call booths, tick. Agile work areas, tick. Scrum spaces, tick! And not forgetting invaluable all hands meeting space.

To cleverly connect the space and create a seamless link, Thirdways design team created an exposed section of the ceiling, illuminated by a track neon light that threads the whole space together. Other elements that don DPS Games’ brand colours have been easter egged into the design such as the futuristic infinity columns and mesh panel materials.

The new space not only maintains its core family culture but now allows it to flourish whilst providing the company with a home that can continue to grow inline with their future successes. Sounds like a dream outcome to us.

project team

Tom Fergusson

Tom Fergusson

Associate Director

Luke Griffin

Luke Griffin

Director of Business Development


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