With cryptocurrency firm Copper, our challenge was to transform an architectural vision into tangible reality, leaving an incredible mark in the back streets of Soho.

Project Details

Cat B
30,000 sq ft
West End

Design that breaks the mould

Breaking away from London’s financial district, Copper challenged banking design conventions with their new space in Soho — the Richard Rogers-designed Broadwick House.

We worked intimately with Universal Design Studio to deliver their intricate vision — a space adorned with copper elements and a central ‘copper core’. The design decision to contain their meeting rooms in the middle of the building was twofold – to maximise natural light in the open space and to ensure security so their tech couldn’t be viewed from outside.

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Collaboration as the guiding principle

Ambitious design calls for harmonious collaboration. The client had their own incumbent contractors for security, furniture, lighting (to name a few), whilst our contractors specialised in MEP and logistics. Collaborating closely with structural engineers, we meticulously calculated load distributions, safeguarding the building’s integrity while bringing the vision to life. Working as the glue binding these elements together, we ensured that every detail was carefully planned and executed. We like to think of it as orchestrating a symphony of talent, each contributing their expertise.

Delivering innovation

Innovation was woven into the fabric of Copper. From timed blinds to specialised lighting systems, every technical solution was carefully crafted with precision and foresight from our team, elevating the building beyond mere construction to a true work of art.

Privacy and design flare combined to create a feature copper curtain. Come 7pm each evening, an automated copper curtain theatrically circulates the building. The illuminated incasement casts a warm glow of — you guessed it — copper, down onto the streets of Soho.

The Sixth and Seventh floors are entirely dedicated to hosting clients, featuring a statement marble bar and banquet-style seating, all capitalising on Broadwick House’s panoramic views of the city. The functional layout allows for seamless interaction between the Copper team and their clients in a comfortable ‘member’s club’ aesthetic. Complete with a DJ booth, private dining room, hidden drinks cabinet, commercial catering kitchen, large screen and speaker system, weighty installation testing was required to ensure we stuck within the structural limits of the building.

Delays out of our control? No worries.

Delays sometimes seem inevitable, yet we’re nothing if not problem solvers. We orchestrated a dynamic, phased delivery approach to combat a delayed CAT A from the Landlord side — ensuring the fitout process remained steady and, chiefly, allowed Copper’s people to work uninterrupted.

project team

Abi Munslow

Abi Munslow

Managing Director
Alex Hodson

Alex Hodson

Senior Designer
Tom Gale

Tom Gale

Head of Commercial


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