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Thirdway Launches Entrepreneur Webinar Series

There have been some good things to come out of lockdown. Less commuting meant more time. And more time put us on a good footing for new opportunities. Say hello to The Professor and the CEO – Thirdway’s webinar series focused on the realities of business during the 2020 pandemic, in collaboration with Dr Rachel Doern, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and expert in crisis management.



Rachel of Goldsmiths University joins our Founder & CEO Ben Gillam in live-streamed, open, and honest conversations to help business leaders define their roadmap to the new (ab)normal. Together, they talk about decision-making, planning under uncertainty, staff engagement and business strategy, deep-diving into topics like resilience, mental health, and empathy during a crisis.


The unique combination of personal and historical experience addresses current and ongoing concerns of business leaders and joins the dots between academia and practical application.

Rachel specialises in how individuals, societies and communities respond to crisis and much of her research examines the cognitions, emotions and behaviours of entrepreneurs in adverse conditions.

Ben draws upon his raw and real experience of managing a business through difficult times, and how he has translated academic knowledge and research into practical steps that secure the future of the business.


Visit our YouTube channel to watch previous episodes or register for the next live event to put your own questions to the hosts.

I have found the advice and insight Rachel has given me invaluable and I wanted to share that with the rest of the business community”
Ben Gillam, CEO, Thirdway

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