The importance of good office design

The office isn’t dead. It’s just different.

2020 might have redefined the way we work, but that isn’t a reason for good office design to be overlooked. This is an opportunity for businesses to re-think their workplaces, putting their people at the forefront.

good office design

Safety is the number one priority but design that fosters company culture shouldn’t be put on the back burner. Employees are craving an inclusive and social environment more than ever. The office needs to be more than just a place to work and its design needs to be worth the commute.

Here are three key benefits to re-thinking your office design:

importance good office design lyst fit out

employee morale

As we move into a future with a more transient office population, design that inspires meaningful experiences will keep everyone feeling connected. A blend of different working areas and social spaces will provide flexibility and opportunities to be and work together. The outcome? Stronger relationships, renewed wellbeing, and greater social fulfilment.

importance of the office - a place for people


Happy employees work better. Period. Offices should allow people to work in a way that suits their task and personality. They should be able to network, collaborate, learn, teach and be seen. A space that promotes creativity and autonomy results in a happier workforce. And that can only be a good thing for business output. Let your team shine.

office design and productivity

Brand and culture

Office design has the power to enhance your brand and encompass your values. Let your space tell your story, not only to your employees but to clients, partners and potential recruits too.

hellofresh office design by thirdway

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