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Old Street art collaboration with Einstein’s Octopus


As the world starts to come alive again after lockdown, we’ve launched a new installation in our Old Street window to keep our passers-by smiling. The train set, a collaboration with set designers, Einstein’s Octopus, includes a miniature world featuring landmark local buildings. All of them key to Thirdway’s history.

ThirdWay Old Street installation
Model buildings architecture London Old Street installation

From our very own HQ at Morelands, to the tiny TEA Building and replica Aircraft Factory, the models celebrate more than a decade of Thirdway architecture and interior design, with cross-sections revealing the extra details of spaces we’ve created over the years.

Model tea building architecture London Old Street installation
thirdway office old street installation

As the Thirdway train pulls into the station you notice the sign for TOTAL ENGAGEMENT (our brand promise). And as it pulls away again it passes graffitied brick walls harking back to bygone company mascots and tiny tributes to the street art of London.

Model buildings graffiti London Old Street installation
thirdway culture rob walsh feyi debo aina- installation
What's great is that there's so much that's meaningful to us, but it's no less interesting to everyone else. We've had a lot of people stop and stare. We've had parents cross the road with their kids to take a look. People spend time with it.”
Rob Walsh, Creative Director

Eagle-eyed locals and graffiti fans will remember that we previously used the same space to collaborate with street artist Gary Stranger.

gary stranger art at thirdway office old street london installation
gary stranger art at thirdway office old street london installation
thirdway culture vicks kelleher
We could just stick our company logo onto the glass but creating moments like this is much more meaningful. This tells people much more about the kind of people we are”
Vicky Kingsnorth, Marketing Manager

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