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What Has Photoshop Wrought?

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April 3, 2015 Jerry L. Holsopple

I have been experimenting with a new photography printing project in which I transfer layer after layer of photographic inks printed on plastic to the same piece of wood, building a transparent depth that I hope the viewer will gaze into and discover new things along the way. I describe this method to my students as doing Photoshop without a computer. That of course is not fully true. I still shoot with a digital camera, use Photoshop or Lightroom to process the image, use a computer to run the printer that puts thousands of droplets of inks onto plastic—but I no longer […]

Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn

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March 6, 2015 Jerry L. Holsopple

This is the first all-banjo album to be added to my collection, and a marvelous addition it is.

The Stray Birds

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February 6, 2015 Jerry L. Holsopple

While The Stray Birds fit into the folk tradition, most of the songs don’t seem to cut into deep political ideas like those of former generations’ folk singers.

Two Intelligent Men

January 2, 2015 Jerry L. Holsopple

Two recent releases, The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything, offer glimpses into the lives of two British geniuses, Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking. With the exposure of Turing’s homosexuality, I expected that narrative to have more emotional intensity and a more clearly articulated point of view. I was wrong. As Hawking says in one of the final scenes of the film when asked if he believes in God, which most of his research has seemed to open the possibility of, “To live is to have hope.” The Imitation Game, based on the story of Alan Turing, exposes the […]

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Jerry L. Holsopple is Professor of Visual and Communication Arts at Eastern Mennonite University with a PhD from European Graduate School. This fall semester 2015, Jerry is Artist in Residence at the Luce Center for Art and Religion, part of Wesley Theological Seminary. He spent a year as a Fullbright scholar in Lithuania. In 1998, he was instrumental in launching Third Way website.

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