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Those Fantastic Picture Machines

September 9, 2016 Melodie Davis

  My mother flew with my oldest sister to visit our family here in Virginia recently. I was so proud of her for making the trip—at age 92. She enjoys good health and a good mind, although she has numerous serious medical issues she has to manage. That makes travel an extra challenge. Her biggest “handicap” is increasing deafness. “I felt so dumb at the airport—everyone much younger than me. Everyone looking at their picture machines.” So it was particularly alarming when on their way back home, my sister texted me a half hour after I thought they had already […]

What Has Photoshop Wrought?

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April 3, 2015 Jerry L. Holsopple

I have been experimenting with a new photography printing project in which I transfer layer after layer of photographic inks printed on plastic to the same piece of wood, building a transparent depth that I hope the viewer will gaze into and discover new things along the way. I describe this method to my students as doing Photoshop without a computer. That of course is not fully true. I still shoot with a digital camera, use Photoshop or Lightroom to process the image, use a computer to run the printer that puts thousands of droplets of inks onto plastic—but I no longer […]