Living More with Less

“I got hooked on the stuff as a kid. The rush wasimmediate and fantastic. But gradually I discovered it took more and more to meet my needs. I was hooked.” The addiction? Money. Two hundred proof money.” – Choice radio spot

Eleven inspiring 60-second radio spots (and two 30-second ones) with ideas to help people live better, more simply.

The 60-second spots are written and voice by David Augsburger, long-running voice of Choice radio spots produced for about 20 years in the 70s – 90s. In true “more with less” fashion, we carefully scrutinized radio spots from the 1981 series, Choice: Living More with Less and found a number that were amazingly current for 2011 and beyond. The two 30-second spots won a Gracie award from American Women in Radio & TV in 2005.

These radio spots relate to a book published first in 1980 which sold over 115,000 copies, Living More With Less, by Doris Janzen Longacre and a 30th anniversary updated edition by Valerie Weaver-Zercher.


Seven simple habits

Plant something

Money addiction

We love our cars

Reverence for fuel

Simpler entertaining

Valuing family now

Recreation budget

Trading toys

Life is too short

Bigger is better, right?

Family moments

Baseball team

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