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A Troubling Lack of Accountability within U.S. Border Patrol

May 30, 2014 Third Way

On April 12 th of this year, approximately 40 people gathered around a white metal cross in Nogales, Mexico, close to the U.S. border fence. Eighteen months earlier, a 16-year-old boy named José Antonio Elena Rodriguez was killed by U.S. Border Patrol in that spot, the cross erected in his honor. Rodriquez was walking to meet his brother late one night in October 2013. He was shot multiple times through the fence by the U.S. Border Patrol, mostly in the back. Border Patrol claims he was throwing rocks, though witnesses on the Mexican side of the fence say he was […]

Two Steps Back on Food Aid Reform

May 16, 2014 Third Way

Jesus’ teachings about helping those in need are constant throughout Scripture.

Hope in the Time of Gun Violence, part 2

April 25, 2014 Third Way

A t-shirt memorial to 201 victims of gun violence in Philadelphia last year. (MCC photo/Agnes Chen)

A Problem Deeper than Politics

April 11, 2014 Third Way

May we better heed Jesus’ call to love our neighbors as we seek shalom in the public policy of our nation.

U.S. Aid Should Support Peace in Colombia

March 28, 2014 Third Way

Peace looks at what comes next and how to work towards healing and justice for all.

Building Bridges with Iran

March 14, 2014 Third Way

A bridge in Isfahan, Iran. MCC photo by Cheryl Zehr Walker.

US Food Aid to Reach More People

February 28, 2014 Third Way

First, the new farm bill authorized up to $80 million per year for purchases of food closer to countries in need.

Seeking Justice and Mercy in Sentencing Reform

February 14, 2014 Third Way

As followers of Christ, we are called to approach wrongdoing through the lens of justice and mercy.

A Call for Justice in Haiti

January 31, 2014 Third Way

Haiti faces a deeply rooted problem, which pre-dates the 2010 earthquake, of systemic economic injustice and inequality.

Longing to be Home

January 17, 2014 Third Way

Families should be able to spend the holidays, and all days, together and whole.