Stories of Peace Archive

Peacebuilding on the Prairies

June 5, 2015 Thirdway

Last summer a four-day youth peace camp was held in Saskatoon. Community engagement coordinators, with the help of Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan (MCCS) summer staff Charis Miller & Rachel Bueckert set up a four day youth camp August 17-20, 2014. Charis and Rachel wrote the following reflections following the camp. As summer staff, part of our job was planning and implementing a peace camp titled “Raise the Peace” in the Meadowgreen area of Saskatoon.This area is home to many newcomer families from about 20 different nations. The focus of the camp was peacebuilding and restorative justice, with a specific emphasis on using spoken word (expressive […]

A Healing Bridge?

April 7, 2015 Melodie Davis

By Deborah Froese It may not look like much, but the abandoned 90-hectare site of Kapyong Barracks in Winnipeg, Manitoba is prime real estate. It could also be a healing bridge, according to Steve Heinrichs, Mennonite Church (MC) Canada’s director of indigenous relations, and compiler of the 2013 book, Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry: Conversations on Creation, Land Justice, and Life Together (Herald Press). The former military base is currently at the centre of ongoing litigation between the federal government and seven first nation communities in Manitoba that want to transform it into an urban reserve. Heinrichs views the development as […]

Why I protest the proposed weaponized drone command center at Horsham, Pa.

August 1, 2014 Third Way

I hold that weaponized and surveillance drones are immoral. They are contrary to everything my Mennonite faith teaches.

When my beliefs in peace and prayer were challenged

July 4, 2014 Third Way

The attacker came downstairs after me. It truly was a scene right out of a horror movie.

Peace lessons through service

May 5, 2014 Third Way

One boy drew a church in a village. “What does the church represent?” I asked. He responded with one word.

Two who work for peace: peacebuilding as Gods vocation

March 1, 2014 Third Way

To achieve peace, Chang said he envisions a “world free of nuclear power plants and weapons.” Since the last WCC assembly in India in 1961, Chang pointed out that the number of nuclear states in the region has more than doubled.

Courageous Peacemaker

February 1, 2014 Third Way

Several years ago Paulus Hartono, a Mennonite pastor in Surakarta, Indonesia heard rumors that a radical wing of Muslim activists had announced their intention to blow up a local radio station. It was operated by a moderate Islamic group. The one who bore the news urged him to do something to prevent such violence. After seeking God’s direction and protection, Pastor Paulus took the courageous step of going to visit the head of the radical group, a telecommunications specialist. By God’s grace, he was able to persuade the leader to forsake his violent plans, thus earning him the reputation of […]